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There is no substitute for the full spectrum of light offered by all natural Arizona sunshine!

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Sun King LabsTM operates some of the most sophisticated greenhouses for growing medical marijuana in all of Arizona. Our scrupulously built and cared for facilities have been featured on HBO and sit on a 40 acre farm in beautiful Chino Valley, Arizona.

The benefits of sun grown are enormous. We have been able to achieve much higher THC levels and more robust terpene profiles for each of our strains in our controlled environment greenhouses at elevation vs. the same strains grown indoors at non elevation. In fact, Chino Valley, Arizona was ranked as one of the best places to grow crops in the entire world in 2014 due to it's moderate climate, abundant sunshine and 4700 foot elevation. The most desirable elevation for greenhouses in Arizona is between 4000 and 6000 feet, because that is where cultivators get the true four seasons. In addition, the Chino Valley aquifer has some of the cleanest water in the state, and Sun King LabsTM operates with full water rights.  Sun King captures the benefits of having such a facility located where it is, away from the pollution, away from the white flies, an abundance of sunlight, clean water, and topped off with 4700 foot elevation. Elevation is a key component in growing top quality medical cannabis. We have found that most strains, in particular certain indicas, grow more robust and dense buds when grown at elevation.

Sun King's Granddaddy Purple (seen pictured right) is a prime example of a strain that growsDraddaddy-Purple-640x401-2 exponentially better under these conditions. Besides natural light and elevation, good water is also crucial for growing optimum crops. Sun King's Chino Valley facility checks all the boxes as our 40 acre farm has full water rights to some of the cleanest water in the entire state. Sun King's strains routinely test over 20% THC with some strains testing above 29%. This is a result of having a top notch grow team matched with the perfect combination of sun, elevation and water.

Sun King uses premium genetics and grows over 40 strains.

Sun King LabsTM

Sun King's cultivation team has over 75 years combined experience and is dedicated to growing the best medical marijuana in all of Arizona.

Sun King Labs sun grown products are exclusively distributed by Hana Meds in Arizona in accordance with the AMMA.

This website is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice.